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Client Bio

The clients that ended up purchasing the stunning property on Pittwater Road, Collaroy, are a lovely young couple that was looking to make their second purchase. Their first property purchase is also in the area, so they are very familiar with Collaroy!

For convenience’s sake, and because they are already comfortable and happy with the area, they wanted to be within close proximity of their current home. The couple were specifically looking for a property that needed a bit of renovation work done to it so that they could add value themselves, as well as add some of their own personal touches.

How the Sale Went

Our team at Lock & Key Property listened to exactly what our clients were looking for in their second purchase. They were very specific, so we were sure to cull out any properties that did not fit their brief and only present them with properties that fit their description, location, and budget. This saved both parties time and effort.

Within just two weeks of signing this client, we had found them their ideal home on Pittwater Road, Collaroy, which they purchased immediately. The property fit exactly what they were looking for and was within their budget.  They purchased this property prior to the auction. 

Closing Thoughts

In our minds, this sale truly could not have gone any better. Our clients, the young couple, were wonderful to work with and it definitely helped that they had a clear idea of what they were looking for. Because this was their second purchase, they had a bit of experience in buying property and they did not need to run through all of the basics of property buying.  It is always exciting to connect wonderful clients with their ideal home, and in this case, we were truly happy to help our clients find the property that they had envisioned for themselves.

The fact that they purchased this property within just two weeks of signing with the team at Lock & Key Property Buyers is truly fantastic as our clients did not have to experience a long waiting period and we could close the deal easily. We think this property is truly gorgeous and that they got a very reasonable deal with it. At the end of the day, if our clients are happy, we are happy, and the young couple of Pittwater Road are definitely over the moon!