75% of the properties we buy are off market.

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Find & Buy

Having an understanding of what you really want goes beyond the number of bedrooms, the block size, or the area. We get to know what matters to you most and how you want to live in your property, as well as how this may change in the future. Once we really understand your wants and needs, we get to work on hunting down and selecting only the best properties to present to you. Every step of the way, we provide regular updates regarding all properties we have viewed or discounted.

Buy & Sell

In addition to all aspects of Find & Buy, this service includes finding, shortlisting, and selecting a real estate agent to help you sell your existing property at no extra cost to you. As buyers agents, we know which selling agents will get the best outcome for you in your sale based on your property’s location and style. We shortlist three local agents for appraisal. In addition to negotiating the selling agents’ fee proposal, we carry out an assessment so we can help you choose who to appoint based on your individual requirements.

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Evaluate & Negotiate

Often, buyers have found a property that they want to bid on but don’t know what an appropriate price to pay is. Other buyers find that they may not wish to bid at the auction themselves because they may get carried away and end up overpaying. Once we complete an appraisal for the property you are interested in, we bid on your behalf up to a limit you have agreed upon. If the property gets passed in, we continue to negotiate on your behalf to ensure that the property is purchased at the lowest price.