75% of the properties we buy are off market.

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An Exclusive Interview with Simon Dean, Lock & Key Northern Beaches Buyers Agent

Unveiling the Dynamics of the Property Market on the Northern Beaches of Sydney

In a recent interview with one of our Directors at Lock & Key Buyers Agents, Simon Dean, a seasoned professional Buyers Agent on the Northern beaches of Sydney, we delved into the intricate relationship between buyer demand and stock levels, particularly in the thriving regions of the beaches and lower North Shore. Simon shared insights into historical trends and his anticipation for the upcoming months, shedding light on the potential opportunities and challenges in the property market.


The Dance of Supply and Demand:

According to Simon, buyer demand and stock levels have historically danced in tandem, creating a delicate equilibrium in the real estate landscape. Even in areas with a surplus of supply, the demand tends to rise, setting the stage for a competitive market. Simon highlighted that while they can’t predict the future, the team at Lock & Key Property Buyers expect an influx of available properties in the market in the coming months. Historically, this surge in stock is met with ready and willing buyer demand, suggesting a continued symbiotic relationship.


Looking Ahead: Opportunities and Competition:

As the market gears up for an increase in available properties, Simon predicts a surge in opportunities for buyers. However, with greater opportunities comes heightened competition, as buyers vie for their desired properties. Simon emphasized the importance of being prepared for this competitive environment and suggested that the trend is likely to persist in the foreseeable future.


Price Point Projections:

When asked about potential shifts in price points, Simon hinted at a period of holding before a potential upward trajectory at some point during 2024 and beyond. He pointed out that as banks stabilize their long-term outlook and interest rates, any positive news tends to stimulate buyer demand, subsequently driving up competition and prices. Simon advised against attempting to time the market and emphasized the value of being ready to buy when the individual is prepared both personally and financially.


Practical Advice for Buyers:

In addressing the perennial question of when to buy, Simon’s advice was straightforward—now is the time if you’re ready. He cautioned against fixating on buying at the market bottom or selling at the peak, emphasizing that the key is to be ready to transact when the time is right for the individual. Instead of trying to predict market fluctuations, Simon recommended enlisting the help of professionals at Lock & Key Property Buyers Agents to secure the perfect property tailored to individual needs.


In Conclusion:

As we navigate the dynamic landscape of the property market, Simon Dean’s insights provide a valuable guide for potential buyers. The interplay between buyer demand and stock levels, coupled with Simon’s seasoned advice, paints a picture of a market ripe with opportunities for those ready to make a move.

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75% of the properties we buy are off market.
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