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Expert insights into the Northern Beaches Real Estate Landscape in 2024

Northern Beaches Property Insights 2024

Q1: Can you share your background and a bit about your experience in the Northern Beaches real estate industry?

Simon Dean: Certainly! My name is Simon Dean, and I’ve been immersed in the real estate industry for quite some time. Over the years, I’ve gained extensive experience working with Lock & Key Buyers Agents Northern Beaches, specializing in the dynamic markets of the Northern Beaches and Lower North Shore.


Q2: In your experience, how do buyer demand and stock levels typically interact in the real estate market?

Simon Dean: It’s interesting to observe the interplay between buyer demand and stock levels. Historically, we’ve noticed that they go hand in hand, especially in the areas we operate. Even when there’s a surplus of supply, demand tends to rise. We expect this trend to continue, creating a balance in the market.


Q3: What are your anticipations for the next few months regarding buyer demand and available stock?

Simon Dean: We foresee an increase in available properties in the market over the next few months. Traditionally, when more stock becomes available, buyer demand is there to absorb it. This could mean more opportunities for buyers, but it’s important to note that greater opportunities often come with increased competition.


Q4: How do you think this dynamic might influence the pricing of properties in the near future?

Simon Dean: We may enter a period of holding as the market adjusts to the influx of available properties. RE Northern Beaches property insights 2024 – Looking forward to mid-2024 and beyond, we’ve observed that positive news in the market tends to drive up buyer demand and, subsequently, prices. It’s a delicate balance that often responds to external factors such as the long-term outlook of banks and interest rates.


Q5: For individuals contemplating a property purchase, when do you recommend they make a move?

Simon Dean: Our advice is straightforward—if you’re ready to buy, now is the time. Often, people get caught up in trying to time the market, aiming to buy at the bottom and sell at the top. However, we encourage individuals to be prepared personally and financially and seize the right opportunity when it arises.


Q6: How does Lock & Key Property Buyers Agents assist clients in navigating this dynamic market?

Simon Dean: Our team is dedicated to understanding the unique needs of each client. Instead of trying to predict market fluctuations, we focus on finding the perfect property tailored to individual requirements. By enlisting our help, clients can navigate the market with confidence, knowing they have professionals working to secure their ideal property.



Simon Dean’s insights into the real estate market provide valuable guidance for those navigating property transactions. The delicate dance between buyer demand and stock levels, coupled with Lock & Key Property Buyers Agents’ personalized approach, sets the stage for a successful journey through the dynamic landscape of real estate.

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