75% of the properties we buy are off market.

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Balgowlah Heights

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Client Bio

Our client was looking for a knockdown/rebuild property. The brief required us to find and secure a development opportunity in a very small section of Balgowlah Heights. This search was all about location – they knew exactly where they wanted to build their new home. 

How the Sale Went

Thanks to our excellent connections with local agents, we uncovered a property that was due to come to market a few weeks prior to being listed. This allowed us to steal a march on other buyers and carry out all due diligence in the meantime. Subsequently, we were able to offer and exchange on the day it came to market – wiping out the competition.

The client was thrilled with the property. Everything went extremely smoothly with the sale, and our clients were able to start drawing up plans immediately. Our client bought their ideal knockdown/rebuild property within 2 months of signing with us.

Closing Thoughts

Given that our client’s search area was so small, and that within that area there were only a handful of properties that would meet their requirements, we knew that we would need to move fast when the right opportunity arose. This purchase is a great example of how we were able to uncover a property prior to it coming to market which allowed us to carry out our research on the property and appraise it, and be ready to move very fast and secure it.