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An Exclusive Interview with Caitlan Brandwood from Lock & Key Property Buyers

  A recent real estate Northern Beaches insights catch up with Caitlan Brandwood, an associate buyers agent at Lock & Key, Northern Beaches Buyers Agents, specializing in the vibrant Northern Beaches real estate market. In this exclusive interview, Caitlan shares her role in fostering crucial relationships with local real estate agents, the unique approach of Lock & Key Property Buyers, and the thrill she experiences every day in the dynamic world of real estate.  

Building Strong Relationships:

  Caitlan emphasizes the importance of strong connections with local real estate agents to stay ahead of the market. By cultivating these relationships, Lock & Key Property Buyers gain access to new and off-market properties, giving their clients a distinct advantage. Caitlan believes that forming these connections independently can be time-consuming, a luxury most clients don’t have.
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Team Dynamics and Fun Approach:

  What sets Lock & Key Property Buyers apart is their team’s ability to be themselves and work cohesively. Caitlan highlights the fun and natural dynamics within the team, emphasizing that genuine enjoyment in the workplace translates into excellent results. A team that has fun together, she says, achieves great success.  

Motivation Behind the Chase:

  For Caitlan, the motivation lies in the thrill of the chase—the unpredictable nature of real estate keeps her excited and engaged. Living in and intimately knowing the Northern Beaches, she takes pride in experiencing the areas firsthand, from parks to beaches. Having bought and sold properties in the region herself, Caitlan empathizes with clients, understanding the emotions and complexities involved in the process.  

Personal Connection and Client Success Stories:

  Caitlan’s deep connection with the Northern Beaches extends beyond her professional role; she lives, socializes, and invests in the same areas she serves. Sharing a heartwarming experience, she recounts helping a young family secure their first property. Guided by Lock & Key Property Buyers, the family overcame their lack of confidence in the process, and today, Caitlan cherishes the updates and baby photos they share from their new home.  


  Caitlan’s role as an associate buyers agent at Lock & Key Property Buyers goes beyond transactions; it’s about building lasting relationships and making the real estate journey enjoyable for clients. With a fun and dynamic team, a commitment to fostering local connections, and a genuine love for the Northern Beaches, Caitlan stands as a testament to the success and positive impact a dedicated Northern Beaches buyers agent can bring to the property buying experience.