75% of the properties we buy are off market.

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Northen Beaches First homebuyers – How we can help?

Taking your first steps into the Northern Beaches property market is daunting. Whether it’s an apartment or a house, knowing that this could be one of the biggest investments you ever make can turn what should be an exciting time quite the opposite. Especially if you keep missing out on your dream home.

And there will likely be no lack of well-intentioned advice from family and friends. Often this can be helpful, sometimes it can lead to more confusion.

If you have reached the point where you are in a position to buy, you are already well-invested. Saving for a deposit is a major challenge, especially if you are a young family – and throw in a pandemic like COVID-19 and you have already climbed the first big mountain.

Interest rates have never been lower in Australian history, and while this makes buying a whole lot easier, it’s important to remember that what comes down can – and will – also go up. Although most experts agree we are not going to see significant upward movement of interest rates for a couple of years.

Working out what you can afford to borrow is the next big hurdle. This is going to depend on a range of things, like income and other financial commitments (including credit card debt), how much of a deposit you have saved and your credit score. You will also have to factor in costs relating to the purchase of the property, such as stamp duty. The amount will vary from state to state.

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Often first homebuyers are exempt from stamp duty or entitled to a rebate or concession. In NSW there is plenty of information on financial support grants and schemes for first homebuyers. Simply click here for first homebuyers information.

Once you have loan pre-approval from your lender, it’s time for the real fun to begin. You have to find a property to buy. This needs to tick at least a few basic boxes – including lifestyle, affordability and location. If you are on your own your needs will be different to those of a young family. It’s always good to have a wish list and a must-haves.

Searching for your first home can be fun, and also very time consuming. It is also very easy to become attached to a property and therefore risk becoming carried away by your emotions. This can be a very expensive exercise. There are some good tips for first homebuyers on the Federal Government’s Money Smart website. Click here for more information.

Making the decision to choose the services of a Northern Beaches Buyers Agent is undoubtedly an additional cost, but not only is it money well spent, it can even save you money in the long-run. Choosing the property that’s right for you can take a lot of time, and this can be tricky for buyers with heavy work commitments and families to take care of.

And that’s where a good buyer’s agent can make all the difference. Buyer’s agents can help weed out the properties you don’t need to spend time looking at. And because they are experts they are well-placed to help you look at your goal objectively.

They also have access to resources and online tools that make it easy to become aware of new properties that come to the market. When it comes to negotiations or bidding at auctions, having a professional in your corner can make all the difference. At Lock & Key we tick all those boxes.

Want to find out more about how we can help first homebuyers?

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75% of the properties we buy are off market.
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