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Five questions you have to ask your Northern Beaches Buyers’s Agent

For many people, their property purchase will be the single biggest investment they make in their entire lives. For some they are looking to use the equity in their family home to secure a nest egg that will safeguard them into retirement. For others, they have extensive property portfolios across multiple cities, states and even countries. With this diversity, a “one-size-fits-all” approach to successfully purchasing a property will never be effective. As Northern Beaches Trusted Buyers Agents with decades of experience in the property industry, we understand that every buyer is different and will require a plan tailor-made just for them. We relish the opportunity to get to know all of our clients so we can understand exactly what they need and want, as well as their financial capabilities and any other factors at play in their quest to find a home or an investment property. The needs of a young family of five will be far different that those of a couple who want to downsize, purchase a smaller home and squirrel some cash away for travel and retirement. There are plenty of buyers’ agents out there to choose from, and it is important when you are choosing one, you ask plenty of questions to make sure it is the right fit for you. You should never feel railroaded into choosing a buyers’ agent. Gut feeling certainly comes into it, and a good buyers’ agent will never shy away from any questions you have to ask. However, these are the five we believe you should ask as a bare minimum. Are you licenced? Each state and territory in Australia has different licensing requirements, which is important if you are looking to buy outside of the state or territory in which you live. You should not use a buyers’ agent if they are not licenced to operate in the state or territory in which you want to buy. Do you handle sales across all price points? Absolutely. We work for anyone and everyone, whether it is a first homebuyer with a tight budget or a cashed up buyer looking for a multi-million dollar trophy home. We pride ourselves on our personal service. Do you have access to properties for sale that are not advertised? These are also known as “off-market” listings. Given our collective experience in the property industry spanning several decades, and our deep industry connections, we have access to an impressive portfolio of off-market opportunities. How important is confidentiality? One of the main reasons buyers choose a buyers’ agent is to preserve their privacy. We take confidentiality very seriously and the only person we will be talking to about your purchase is you and the agent we are negotiating with. We will liaise with any other professionals at your request. Maintaining the highest ethical standards are the cornerstone of our business. Who will be managing my transaction? We are a boutique buyers’ agency which means your transaction will be managed by us personally from beginning to end. You will always have direct access to us. We do not sub-contract any part of our business to other operators, so you will always deal with us. We believe this is fundamental to preserving our high customer service and confidentiality standards. Want to know more? Give Lock & Key Property Buyers a call on 02 9976 6187 or drop us a line at info@lockandkeyproperty.com.au